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I talk about embroidery

An opportunity to escape from everyday life,

share experiences and field skills

Classic embroidery for beginners

From theory to practice, to learn how to design, draw and embroider an idea, using the basic stitches of classic embroidery

Write with embroidery

Refine the embroidery of writings and names, through the attention to the drawing and the accurate use of the basic stitches of classic embroidery

Padded stitch initials

How to give a three-dimensional effect to initials and monograms, following the thread of tradition, towards a personal style

Long and short stitch

Train eye and hand to use colors, while learning Long and Short Stitch. Artistic sensibilities are an added value, not a requirement!

A sea to stitch

Sea and beach, shells and starfishes, seagulls and ropes at the wind: padding solutions and classic embroidery stitches, together embroidering and reviewing traditional techinques and creative solutions


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