I think of embroidery as one of the many languages we have to communicate and share our stories.

A refuge to nurture balance. And a cure.

To be chosen, it must be known.


I draw, embroider and tell alphabets, personally editing their publishing

I think about the beginner, who needs a structured project to begin

And about the expert, searching for inspiration and comparison

The story of a book does not end with the first reading…

Book developes and transforms, becouse the experience grows and the concept of authors and readers broadens


Drawings and projects at your fingertips and at the click!

Download and print in a while!

New on-line shop!


I imagined a place of people

whose eyes shine if I talk about embroidery

An opportunity to escape every day life, share experiences and field abilities

I’ve started my embroidery courses

and I grow with them from time to time


Since 2010 I have told my journey… It was embroidery to inspire words and thoughts, it is my readers to push me to go further

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