I think of embroidery as one of the many languages we have to communicate and share our stories
A refuge to nurture balance, and a cure

To be chosen, embroidery must be known

The embroidery that grows and tells

I started stitching in a room of my country’s oratory, under the light of a smile.

I engaged in embroidery as a personal challenge and for its calming effect, due to the accurate and repetitive movement. It contributed to create my personal sense of beauty.

During the school age I fancied to spend more time to devote to embroidery, but then I did not find a personal and shared motivation to choose to dedicate myself exclusively to it. I therefore engaged in scientific and naturalistic studies.

As many mothers may tell, in the solitude of motherhood, despite the sleepless nights, I began to embroider with a curious obsession, probably to hold my nerves and perhaps to make tangible, in the slow but concrete progression of an embroidery, the time that had furiously started to slide, in that alienating static repetitiveness of a mother’s day at home. Although obviously spiced with a great love, motherhood had deleted planning and personal perspective.

One day I found the courage to beak through a corner of my cave and open a window: at the light of the PC screen I started writing my blog.

Born as a showcase, in a breath it became something else…

Tha habit to illustrate each embroidery with photos and words molded my character. Indolence turned into confidence, insecurity into critical thinking. Above all, it artfully combined my knowledges, which at the time I considered fragmentary and inconclusive and never leading to anything.

Genuary 2020

Aware that its meaning changes over time, today embroidery is mainly communication, for me.

With myself, in an endless inner dialogue during the hours of silence, with my conflicts, my desires and the need to find solutions and incubate ideas. With women and men scattered all over the world, who love embroidery because they share my story or for the endless reasons that lead to devote themselves to an art. With women who want to learn embroidery and find, with it, a social occasion for sharing the difficulties of life. With enthusiastic little girls in summer, who steadly embroider to turn sterile materials into art with their fingers, with the hope that some of them will remember my smile as I remember the one of my guide, in an endless cycle of transmission of knowledge and skills that evolution has struggled to give us and that we have the moral duty to pass on, not necessarily for its material result, but as the baggage of an experience which allows us to progress.

The needlework growing through our hands has an evocative power that puts us in communication with the lost past and with the memories we cherish and that, if presented, tells the love of a devoted time. Inspires and cheers, or awakens our senses.

I think to embroidery as one of the many languages ​​we have to communicate and share our stories. I found the courage to use embroidery to tell myself and I realized that I was on the right track when I saw light up eye and a new interest stirred.

Is it not a suddenly aroused surge of curiosity or passion to make us feel alive and in communion with the world?

To each his own language, among the infinite possibilities, to share armony with each other.

To be chosen, embroidery must be known.


Since 2010 I have told my journey… It was embroidery to inspire words and thoughts, it is my readers to push me to go further

Esperienza e Formazione

I learned to embroider with the help of teachers at private schools, embroidery exhibits, ancient and modern books. I have tried to learn the most varied embroidery techniques, although time ago I devoted myself to classic embroidery.

Over time I have developed a passion for initials, monograms and writings and this is mainly my current field of work.

Ten years of commissioned iob, told on the blog and documented in it, made my training concrete: they gave me constancy, resistance to continuous exercise, improvement of the technique, attention to drawing, development of a sense of color.
I’ve started teaching what I have learned from experience from 2015. I propose intensive courses at haberdasheries and other spaces.

The editing adventure began in 2017. The commitment is high and the challenge exciting. I’ve created this site to promote the current reality.

The blog is and will remain the place of my personal voice on how this story evolves over time.

Embroidery exhibitions and events


Magia tra Fili e Ricami a Villa Buri (VR), 19th-20th september 2015


Fili Magici al Castello di Vinovo, 20th-21th-22th may 2016

Magia tra Fili e Ricami a Villa Buri (VR), 24th-25th september 2016

Abilmente Vicenza 2016 edizione autunnale, 13rd/16th october 2016


Abilmente Vicenza 2017 autumn edition, 19th/22nd october 2017


Fili Senza tempo al Castello di Levizzano, 24th-25th march 2018

XVII Mostra del Ricamo e del Tessuto Artigianale di Valtopina (PG), 31st august/2nd september 2018

Abilmente Vicenza 2018, autumn edition, 18th/21st october 2018


Fili Senza Tempo a Novi di Modena, 16th-17th march 2019

Manidoro fiera a Bellaria-Igea marina, 5th/7th april 2019

Fili Senza Tempo a Formigine, 7th-8th september 2019

Abilmente Vicenza 2019, autumn edition, 17th/20th october 2019


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