It happened that, on a late summer afternoon, a cold, threatening trickle of wind brushed against my neck.

My whole life passed in front of me….

The one made up of scarves to protect me from the chill (and I could already feel it advancing), coats, frost creeping through clothing, albeit suitably layered, frozen fingers and toes, paper handkerchiefs.

Never was a vision sadder, for I was coming home from the sea.

Only one image kept me from taking the first plane to the savannah: a twinkling Christmas tree on a starry night and the warmth of a donated package, while outside a few snowflakes fall and a robin trills to the moon.

It was a matter of a moment…

Then I came to my senses and now I write to you from the savannah.

No robins on the horizon.

Only lions.

Patty’s gonna love this. I think she won’t stop teasing me for a second.
I always refused to draw Christmas projects. She’s forced them out of me in past years.
I really don’t know what’s happening to me.

Coming soon… A short e-book!