E-book Natale 2023

A couple of clicks and the new e-book is online!

So amazing!

This booklet has, compared to the others, the most suitable form for a digital product: it is a small project, which includes three Christmas decorations, a colour solution and the instructions for embroidering the designs. It fits in well with the logic of PRINT & STITCH and it is with great joy that I note the return of Laura Arnaldi’s magic wand for the graphic design!

While I was embroidering, I was thinking that it would have been nice to meet you all again, like in the good old days, in a big room out of time and space, to embroider all together again, maybe just these little decorations. But I didn’t collect photos and suggestions of the work in progress, shrugging my shoulders at the thought that I wouldn’t be able to find the verve I had then.

Now I am sorry.

And when I am sorry, a little light comes on.

And little by little other little lights come on, like the ones I embroidered on the Christmas tree.

And without thinking too much, knowing that later I will tell myself that I might not have had the time, I decide here and now, in the wake of a romantic nostalgia, recharged in a moment of discouragement by flattering and sincere words of beautiful souls a few days ago at a course, to try again.

So I’m going to search for the fabric, close the doors, silence the mobile phone, gag Alfredo and think of you.

So I’ll reproduce the drawings on the fabric by writing down some advice and some nonsense and, if you wish…. We’ll embroider together.

Just give me a few days!

If you want to have a look at the product in the meantime…. Here’s the link: