Moving house, I think.

On 24 January 2010 I wrote my first blogspot post and since then all my embroidery has come to light in that small, always clean, efficient and essential virtual home, which was my blog

Typing it in now you would be redirected here, to, so it is as if it no longer exists, although it is still there, steeped in my memories, like the old, worn-out foundations holding up a church built on top of another, now obsolete one.

I moved house for several reasons and the most important, perhaps, is that with the old blog I could no longer communicate with the wayfarers who landed by chance or otherwise on my words, my embroideries and my photos. Here I have managed to restore the comments and I hope this will allow me to respond to everyone’s personal needs, without social dispersion.

Great news is the translation for those reading in English! Be merciful! I have a complicated handwriting in Italian and I don’t know if I will be able to make the translation clearer than what a normal automatic translator would be able to do… But I will try and let me know!

I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to find the words in this, my first foreign post. Instead, I feel my mind loose and at ease….

Maybe I haven’t really changed home.

Maybe I haven’t really changed house.

Maybe I’ve only changed the decor, because, like when you get a haircut…. The time has come to change my life.

Or at least to bring something new.

So here we are again… Very soon!

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