I have been stealing Alfredo’s desk these past few months because it is the one closest to the courtyard light, which shines in the morning…. Quite the opposite of my dark den in the dining room, where I usually sit to work on my PC and embroider. And as I write I realise that I am in fact with my back to the window, in the corner. That is, I have been grounding myself for years and I didn’t even notice.

Anyway. I needed the light to record the videos of the stitches for my very first and brand new online course.

The first videos were a disaster.

I would have needed two heads, or eyes out of their sockets, as if on top of two extension cords: I wondered at first how it was possible to record a video while simultaneously watching the screen and the hands working. And being able to get the stitches right, maybe even telling what you are doing.
Believe me! There are monsters out there who can do this and who post daily on Instagram…. I picture them with eight eyes and four pairs of arms, like spiders.

In the first few videos, the camera registered a point on the horizon, placid and motionless, while my hands busied themselves anxiously a few decimeters away. I saw the light at the end of the tunnel when an elusive little finger started to appear in the screen.
A few weeks to see the right hand appear and another half to integrate the left. At that point I threw a party.

But little did I know that the worst was in store….

The videos had to be EDITED!

I enlisted Mario, who had me install software, used, according to him, by the world’s greatest videomakers. I felt a bit like Fellini at first and then more like Dario Argento, thinking back to my half hands. However, I pretended it was a compliment and for the next six months I sweated like never before in Latin class to be able to edit a video.
I am very proud of my cute little videos.
Too bad about the horrible titles…. Blood red.
I don’t think I’ll be able to get them off.
Dario Argento would be proud of me, though.

If you hate red titles, you will not be able to attend this course (I will update you if I decide to do the whole thing again).

If, on the other hand, red titles appeal to you and you already know how to stitch, sorry, but the course is not for you anyway.

In my first thoughts were those who don’t know how to stitch, because they don’t know what to do with their hands and are pining away.

So I compiled a course for the very beginners: for those who are embarrassed to cross the haberdashery threshold because they would make a fool of themselves and for those who would like to start putting a few stitches on fabric but have blank canvas syndrome.

For those who believe the thimble goes on the index finger of the left hand so as not to prick themselves….

I compiled a presentation with photos to argue together live, videos of the stitches and useful actions, and opened a Facebook group to follow the members from week to week. Five meetings + the first meeting one, to review materials, methods and useful stitches to train eye and hand… Building something!

This is my proposal and… I too throw myself into this new adventure with you!

If you read in english… Sorry! Courses are only in italian, at the moment! I hope to find soon the courage to propose them in english!