It’s been almost a month… Lived with bated breath, in between online sessions, to see what and how much could pierce the screen and reach eyes and ears eager to dive into the canvas.
Talking on the PC is not like addressing a silent, attentive crowd, but three-dimensional: you can’t catch the lips rippling in a smile of complacency, a glint of approval in the gaze, a nod of understanding. You miss the signs and drive blind. You feel the charcoal burning and exhausting, because there is no soul to feed the flame, and you wonder if anyone is really listening to you.
But then you slowly enter the new logic.
And when the first signs of satisfaction hit you, the chill finally leaves you. You can roll over on your heel and curl up on the sofa. Relax your nerves.
That’s how it went with my first online course, which etched indelible memories among my neurons, like my first in-person course, which is as alive in the theatre of the mind as if it were yesterday… Ombretta! Cristina! What the hell are you still doing here?!

With the drawings from the work proposed in the course, I decided to make an e-book out of them. It is entitled… Daisies.

I thought it was a banal drawing, a bit childish and scholastic. But during the show in Bergamo, many people asked me for the designs and I confess that I took a bit of a liking to them, embroidering a few extra pieces and adding an alphabet, to be hung on the same thread to which the daisies are knotted…

12 pages with 4 combinable ornamental motifs and a small alphabet, two colour solutions and stitch animations, a bit like I did for the Christmas one. Graphics by Laura Arnaldi, whom I thank for always taking me so seriously!
I have some work in progress that I will be able to show you in the next few days, but I decided to post today quickly so that … With my flowers I could send everyone my best wishes for a peaceful Easter, surrounded by the people who really love us.
Best wishes,